From Now Unlock Your Computer With Your Phone: Android & iPhone

All need to secure their laptop and smartphone additionally. once you need to secure your laptop what does one use for your laptop security? Some PIN or Password? Right. You ever ever tried any new technique or hear any new technique to unlock your automatic data processing system. I hope you have got listened concerning Face, Fingerprint etc. Yes, to secure automatic data processing system peoples undergo watch word largely.  If you wish to use a brand new technique then here i’m attending to share a way to lock and unlock PC  via a smartphone. Your next ten minute are going to be filled with information and fascinating.  I’m damn sure you’ll like this post concerning unlocking laptop via smartphone. currently let’s go through the post. when obtaining plenty of hits on root mechanical man while not laptop post, we tend to area unit back with a brand new post on a way to unlock  laptop via mechanical man.

Here i’m with some new analysis concerning ‘how to unlock laptop via Android and iPhone‘. Yes, sounds sensible🙂you’ll be able to unlock your laptop just by your phone. you are doing not want any watchword to enter. thus during this post, i’ll share this guide to unlock your Mac/Windows by mistreatment iPhone or  SmartPhone. Recently, we’ve got additionally shared a tutorial on a way to reverse image search on  Smartphone.

How to Unlock Computer Via Android & iPhone

 How to Unlock Computer Via Android

Steps to Unlock your Windows Computer Via Android/iOS:

For unlocking your computer via android/Apple follow these steps:

Step 1. Firstly download Rohos Logon Key software in your Android/Apple iPhone. It is available on Android/Apple Platform. You can download it from Official site of Rohos Logon Key.

Download for Android

Download for iPhone

Step 2. The second step is related to your computer. If you have Windows operating system then download Rohos on your windows computer.


By going on above link, you can download this software on your Windows computer.

Step 3. Now open this software in your computer Windows computer system.

Step 4. You will see the Options button. Click on options button.

Step 5. Now apply the following setting.

Device: Choose Android/iPhone

When You will Withdraw USB key: Lock Computer

Allow Login by USB key: Any User

Then Select OK

Step 6. Now select the QR method to verify the key.

Step 7. Enter password, and then you need to scan QR barcode by Rohos Logon Key app downloaded in your Apple/Android Phone.

Step 8. You have done. Now your computer is secured by smartphone. Now you can anytime unlock your computer via smartphone.

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How to Unlock Mac Via Apple/Android:

If you have Mac, then you can also apply this method. All steps are same only you have to download Rohos Logon key Software on your MacBook. Then you can further move to the above steps by opening “OPTION” button.

Now here is the link to download Rohos Logon Key software on your Mac Computer System.

Download For Mac

Step 1. Now Open this software.

Step 2. Open ‘Option’ button. Now for setting and further step follow the Steps which I have mentioned unlocking Windows Computer via Smartphone.

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