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Hii … Welcome back to Tips and Tricks, this time we will discuss How To Make A Checkmark In Excel is probably a lot from all of you who are still confused with how to make her and Yes, at times this article I will give you a very easy way.


The ways this time I auto summary from various sources and I’d make clear again, good read …

in this tutorial, we will use a simple but very good and easy.


There are several different ways to put check mark in excel and tell how to remove the part count and contain checkmarks.


There are two kinds of a checkmark in excel the first is an interactive checkboxes and symbols check box.


a checkbox that is commonly referred to as a checkbox or the check mark is specific settings that can allow you to select or cancel your choice, i.e. by ticking the checkbox delete or, by clicking the checkbox with the mouse.

If you are looking for a function like this, please see how to insert the checkbox diExcel.


Select the symbol or on call as a symbol or a tick is a special symbol (✓) which are able to enter into the section (alone or in combination with other characters) for the reconsideration of the concept “Yes”, e.g. “Yes, your answer is correct” “Yes, this option is perfect for me.”

Sometimes the mark (x) is also widely used for this purpose, but more often shows the inaccuracy or failure.


and here is the trick that fairs quickly in excel in visual design.

Use the wingdings 2 font and SHIFT + P

The first one that I use most often and being I find most quickly in How To Make A Checkmark In Excel.


On the Home tab tape change font to WINGDINGS 2 “.


how to make a checkmarks in excel, checkmark
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Then, all you have to do is put into the capital “P” by pressing SHIFT + P.


how to make a checkmarks in excel, checkmark


As a gift, if you put in the letter “O” with 2 windings font, you certainly get more stylized “X” symbol that you can use to show your job still in workmanship or fails.


While this probably is not the most intuitive ways but generally this is one of How to quickly make checkmarks in excel. Wingdings 2 is one of the standard font in Microsoft office suite, so this applies to Microsoft word and powerpoint as well.


Please note that the Green and red colors have been in use as an extra step.

This can also be done easy enough with a conditional format or random number formats.

Please googling to get the “check mark” (or “tick marks” that google recommend toyou) is the easiest way to get the check mark symbol that you are looking for. Search results on your computer may be different on my computer, but this is one example of successful results I get.


how to make a checkmarks in excel, checkmark


Start here, you must do so manually, copy any existing of a tick the word symbol and paste it in Excel. Just use this simple way CTRL = C and then press CTRL = V.

Use the Insert symbol->

This last option with excel using Insert symbol feature.

In the Insert tab of the Ribbon and then click on the button symbol to the right.


how to make a checkmarks in excel, checkmark


And now you basically can navigate to the check mark symbol, it will drain a little bitmore time to leverage, especially if not one symbol you’ve used.


how to make a checkmarks in excel, checkmark


This, however, let you take into account the more visual choices checkmark, for example, use the symbol sign print contacts in the vicinity.

Perhaps the discussion of articles regarding How To Make A Checkmark In Excel.

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