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Hi, welcome back on Tips and tricks articles this time are probably arguably related to the article before his titled How To Make Life On the Little Alchemy and this time we will discuss how to make energy in little alchemy.


Do you guys already know what that little alchemy? If you haven’t yet, please read the article


What’s a little alchemy?

Okay, by now you already know right what is a little alchemy? Okay, let’s get to the topic of discussion how to make energy in little alchemy.


probably still a lot of you don’t know How To Make Energy In Little Alchemy

Therefore I am going to discuss a little bit here that I know of, may be useful for you.

how to make energy in little alchemy

There are several how to make energy in little alchemy and at this time I will discuss two ways are easy to follow.


The steps How To Make Energy In Little Alchemy

The first method make energy with water onto fire and plant onto sun.

  1. Please drag and drop “AIR” onto the “FIRE” and you’ve made a “ENERGY”.
  2. Do drag and drop “PLANT” onto “SUN” and you managed to make energy.


Please select both way above that you think that‘s easy to do.


The second method make energy in little alchemy.

  1. First of all, drag and drop “water” onto “AIR” this creates “RAIN”.
  2. then, drag and drop the “RAIN” onto “EARTH” and this time you managed to make a “PLANT”.
  3. The last step, drag and drop the “PLANT” onto “the SUN” and this time you managed to again make “ENERGY”


Congratulations, you have successfully created the energy!!! not easy steps on How To Make Energy In Little Alchemy?

how to make energy in little alchemy 1

Anything that can combine with the energy?

  1. Drag and drop the “ENERGY” onto “water” to be able to generate “WIND”
  2. Drag and drop the “ENERGY” onto “BICYCLE” for being able to produce a “MOTORCYCLE”
  3. Drag and drop the “ENERGY” onto the “CLOUD” to be able to produce a “STORM”
  4. Drag and drop the “ENERGY” onto “EARTH” to produce the “EARTHQUAKE”
  5. Drag and drop the “ENERGY” onto “FRUIT” to be able to produce “SUGAR”


Okay, to the discussion of the article at this time, it may be useful to you.

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