Little Alchemy: How To Make Life On Little Alchemy Easily

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Hi, welcome to the Tips and Tricks on the article this time we will discuss little Alchemy.

Previously if you already know what is Alchemy? If not, then here I will tell a little bit I know about Alchemy.

Alchemy is a little game you can get for free, which is the way it works is by way of combining elements or the formula so that it created a new element, rain, mud, plants, water, and food. There are more or less about 560 element that is in the game.


how to make life on little alchemy


Okay, we already know what it Alchemy small now we will explain about how to unify the elements to create an item that certainly makes fun, cool, and interesting and surprising.

And this time we will more focus on How To Make Life On Little Alchemy

There are two How To Make Life On the Little Alchemy, the first way is by using energy and swamp, while the second way i.e. by wearing time and love. More details please follow the stages below.

Stages How To Make Life On Little Alchemy

The first way How To Make Life On the Little son of using energy and swamp:

  1. Click and then drag the “water” to the playing board
  2. then, drag and drop the “FIRE” onto “water” this creates “ENERGY”
  3. After that, click and drag the “WATER” to another blank section of the playing board.
  4. If you have please drag and drop the “EARTH” onto “WATER” this creates “MUD”
  5. And click and drag the “water” to another blank section of the playing board
  6. Now drag and drop “WATER WATER” onto “this creates” RAIN “
  7. Please, drag and drop the “EARTH” onto “RAIN” this creates “PLANT”
  8. Next step, drag and drop the “PLANT” onto the “MUD” this creates “the SWAMP”
  9. Finally, please drag and drop the “SWAMP” onto “ENERGY” finished!!!

Congratulations! You have successfully created “life” with energy and swamp.

If the above steps a little difficult or have not successfully, please try the second method below.


how to make life on little alchemy 1


The second way How To Make Life On Little Alchemy with the wear of time and love:

  1. First of all please drag and drop the “EARTH” onto “LIFE” you have managed to create a “HUMAN”
  2. follow the steps above and repeat until you have two “HUMAN”
  3. After that, drag and drop one “HUMAN” onto the other “HUMAN”
  4. then, click and drag the “EARTH” to another blank section of the playing board
  5. And, darg and drop the “FIRE” onto “EARTH” you have managed to make the “LAVA”
  6. Now, drag and drop “water” onto “LAVA” and you now have made a “STONE”
  7. then, drag and drop “water” onto the ‘ STONE “and you have successfully created” SAND “is important and the elements used when making” TIME “
  8. Follow the steps #5 until #8 to create “SAND”. And make it so you have two “SAND”. And very needed in the manufacture of glass later and very useful also in the creation time.
  9. If you have please drag and drop the “FIRE” onto one of the mounds of “SAND” and congratulations! You have successfully created the “GLASSES”.
  10. Please drag and drop “GLASS” onto the “SAND” and, yes! You have to make time and sand.
  11. the last Step is please drag and drop the “TIME” onto “LOVE” and finally, congratulations!!! You have successfully created “LIFE”.

Okay, where with like How To Make Life On the Little Alchemy of above last? Very easy is not it? Hehe

Okay, the discussion on the article this time about How To Make Life On Little Alchemy

May be useful for you and help you resolve your difficulty in making “LIFE” on a Little Alchemy

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