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Hi, I met back in Tips and Tricks, having finished writing his article before now I’d member knows about a way that might be useful for you all especially the players, the way it is Minecraft How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft.

Thus here I’ll know some of the ways that member makes you easy to follow it and do it.

Before I move on to the topic of discussion, I would like to ask you, do you already know what is Minecraft? If not, here I will describe a little bit I know about Minecraft.

Minecraft is a game that is very popular among the players and the game could be played extensively without any particular limitations.

Okay, we are going to go to the topic of discussion.

What is the meaning of a saddle in Minecraft?

So, is the saddle is padded chairs leather which is usually placed in the top of the back of a horse. In the game Minecraft, saddles are used for the same purpose as in the real world. a saddle in Minecraft could be used to ride horses and mules and pigs.but unfortunately, the saddle is not like most other items that exist in Minecraft, we can’t make saddles, but we can get a saddle with a way to buy it or collect it.

how to make a saddle in minecraft

So, How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft Easily?


There are a few steps that I am going to give you an idea about How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft, please read steps below, then please you practice these steps, good luck!

The steps in the How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft

The first step: get a saddle with a way to look.

In this initial step, I will be a member you know about some of the places that it’s possible for you that you got a saddle. The saddle there is usually contained within the chest, so the first step is you have to find the chest first. If you are very lucky, then you will get the saddle in a chest.

CHEST: this is one of the ways that might be very easy so you can get the saddle easily, we could not make a saddle. Andaharus passion in chasing down a chest and you should focus in the deer, indeed essentially get a saddle in the chest is a thing that is not easy, but with a sense of excitement and focus on yourself when you look it up, It will make you more and a chance to get in a saddle that.

PRISONS: the next place you can try to find a saddle in Minecraft is in prison, your chances of getting the saddle in prison worldwide is huge there, the opportunities are big enough for you here about 55% of you will probably get a saddle in the prisons of the results you loot from prison. You will probably get one to three crates inside the prison and you can be very lucky if you get a saddle of one of their chests because of your opportunities here.

NETHER FORTRESS: this is another one of those places that becomes a pretty big opportunity for you in finding a chest, so you can access your nether frame requires quite a nether portal, how to build a frame of the nether portal is to wear the Obsidian block. But you have to be very careful since nether is one of a very dangerous place.So, make sure all the equipment and supplies you very nice when you come to the nether.

Chances are you’ll get a saddle here is pretty fair great i.e. amounting to 45% of your chances to get a saddle at this place, it could be just the opportunity you down to approximately 30%.

Wilderness: TEMPLE and then place that allows you to get a saddle is in desert Temple, you have to go in search of a saddle, you first need to find a shrine in the desert. If you managed to find one of the temples, in the desert, now you must consider things, one of which you have to find a block of blue clay that is commonly found in the middle of the first floor. While you are digging it, you will be exposed to a secret room with the four chests, there is a 10% chance to get a saddle one of them.There are enough opportunities allow you to immediately be able to access it to get closer to the saddle.

The VILLAGE BLACKSMITH, the Temple in the FOREST AS WELL AS the MINESHAFTS in the last step is: STAY AWAY FROM a village that has a blacksmith, villages are very likely there is the blacksmith. And your chances here to get a saddle in the building through the chest by about 10%. Temples of in the jungle has approximately around 15%your chances to find a saddle in the chest and minehafst in stay away from. A temple has about two to three of the chest, while the abandoned Temple could have some crate at a time.

how to make a saddle in minecraft

The second step: traded to get a saddle.

How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft Easily And Recommended?

You can start trading in your saddle and at this pace, we will know to your members about how you can get started doing the same thing. If you go to system version of Minecraft or console, then you can trade Saddlery-Saddles by way of Exchange Emerald citizens, you will come to a village named village leatherworker who where here you can start trading.

There are things you should consider in buying a saddle, then you’ll need about Emerald 10-15 emerald is so you can buy a saddle. You can buy a good saddle it withmines, with the citizens of the village residents, businesses, or with how to get the chest.


If you want to start selling and buying with a leatherworker, then all you have to do is stay right clicking on the leatherworker for open trade window, and after that, you will have to set up the Emerald 2-5 to buy leather pants.

Then, please open a trade window again and buy a leather tunic, after that please close the window of your trade so that you can move on to the next stage.

After that, if you have several Emerald, leatherworker saddle will be available for trading and you can currently buy a stone i.e. gravestones.


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