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Hi, met again with I am in Tips and Tricks, this time we will discuss about How To Make A Tree In Little Alchemy I am sure this way will not make you tough.
You just have to follow the instructions from me with the appropriate way of me going to work.
OK, we go to the topic of discussion, How To Make A Tree In Little Alchemy?
Here are some of the methods I auto summary from various sources, may be useful for you.
I give you three ways which I think will definitely easy to do and will most likely succeed.
how to make a tree in little alchemy

The steps How To Make A Tree easily:

The first way in the making of a tree:

1. The first step please drag then please drop the “BIG onto the “PLANT” and’ve managed to make a tree


If the steps above have not successfully please try how to make a tree below:

1. Please drag and then you drop “PLANT onto TIME” yes! You have successfully
And if the steps above have not been too successful please follow these steps:
1. You are trying to drag and drop your “PLANT onto WOOD” and you‘ve managed to create a TREE”

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There are some forms which if combined with tree will create something amazing, please check:
1. click drag and then drop the “TREE” onto “ANIMAL” this step will result in a MONKEY
2. click drag and then drop the “TREE” onto the BEE” this step will result in a BEEHIVE
3. click drag and then drop the “TREE” onto CANDLE” this step will result in a CHRISTMAS TREE
4. click drag and then drop the “TREE” onto CHAINSAW” this step will result in a WOOD”
5. click drag and then drop the “TREE” onto CONTAINER” this step will result in a “FOREST
6. click drag and then drop the “DESERT” onto “ANIMAL” this step will result in “OASIS
7. click drag and then drop the “DAWN onto “ANIMAL” this step will result in a DEW
Okay, that’s some How To Make A Tree In Little Alchemy may you satisfied will the discussion from us,
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