Did You Know That SIRI Can Save Your Time By These Features?

You Know That SIRI Can Save Your Time By These Amazing Features

I’m a huge fan of Apple products and so is everyone else. Today I’ll share some cool Siri tips in this story. If you are a lazy person, you probably love SIRI to the best level. With iOS 10, the ‘Voice Assistant‘ can work with third-party apps. You can control your Mac with iPhone’s Siri.

You Know That SIRI Can Save Your Time By These Amazing Features

You Know That SIRI Can Save Your Time By These Amazing Features

Let’s learn all these helpful iOS 10 tips.

Make Skype calls with Siri.

More than million of people were waiting for this feature. Now, you can command Siri to call anyone from your Skype.

Get the latest pins from Pinterest.

No need to hustle hard for latest pins, all you need to do is just give a command to Siri. With Pinterest, you can search for specific themes, fashion, and pins.

Lazy? Now send WhatsApp text by SIRI.

With SIRI you can send text or email to anyone by vocal commands. But now with iOS 10, you can use any third-party apps for these similar controls. Isn’t this Interesting?

Find filter styled images by using Siri

This is a fantastic art filter app ‘Pikazo,’ which will process photos if a user names a recognized subject such as “my daughter” and the filter style.

With every third-party app, people will have to mention it by name for Siri commands to work.

Get latest fashion search by Siri.

Fashion lovers are those who use “Vogue Runway and Looklive” to search the exact thing they are looking for. People will be able to name the celebrity and the event they’re searching for, and Siri will show you matching pop-up right there.

Help your friends in an emergency.

Siri can send money just by your command and authentication. Like, “Send 20$ to ‘Your friend’s name’ by ‘Bank’s name.’ Siri is for people like me because I love to use every feature. Subscribe to my profile for more awesomeness. Also, you can catch me on Twitter.


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