Top 5 Areas to See Before You Die

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travel destination
travel destination

In the event you are one among the few who want to travel as much as possible before you leave this world, then this is for you. Here are the top 5 places you have to see before you expire. This really is useful for everybody who’s going to travel in close future as well as to those of US arranging a trip shortly. Here are a few insights on the area you’re going to see as well as the peculiarity of the area. These areas are spread across many nations of the world which means you got to travel many states to see these areas. Thus, it comes easy when you really have a notion on the customs, conventions do’s and don ts of the state and at times it’s necessary to get a notion about the area of the visit as this makes your journey easier and convenient.

Before understanding about the area, let us look at a few principles that you should follow while traveling. Package as less baggage as feasibly be ready for the unforeseen. Organize your trip with adequate rest time as too much traveling would cause a lot of difficulties afterwards. Plan your journey well before and coordinate everything so. Now, as you’re prepared for the excursion, let us look at top 5 areas that has to be seen before you expire according to the most up-to-date survey.


Cinque Terre, Italy:

A town situated in Northern Italy and a scenic town with atop cliffs, mountains. An area known for finest dessert wine while enjoying the stay in the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea makes your excursion much fun filled.

Wengen, Switzerland:

In the event that you are tired of active urban life, then you definitely need to see Wengen, Switzerland. A city where no cars are used in last 100 years and are encompassed by alpine mountains, grassy hills are a stunning tourist area. The city is famous for its finest ski slopes in the world and is the sole area that’s clean and unpolluted all throughout the planet.

Kauai, Hawaii:

In the event that you would like to go to heaven on earth, then you certainly have to click on this area. This area is nicknamed as ‘Garden Island’ well-known for its greenery and panoramic view. Though there are 8 other islands in Hawaii, Kauai is a hot cake isle as it’s the earliest of all 8 and has quite a few cliffs at its center, summits as well as the picturesque Wailua River. All these geological scenes have made Hawaii a heaven on the world.

Santorini, Greece:

A location that’s exceptional and wonderful along a cliff of volcanic rocks. It is the sole area that is encompassed with world’s greatest volcanic eruptions. The white washed houses using a jacket of volcanic ashes make them clear and provide them a pearl color that makes the place more appealing.

Mount Fuji, Japan:

Japan’s highest peak and is among the holy places that’s also typically the most popular place for artists and tourists. Astonishing architecture, rich cultural encounter, blooming lakes all together will definitely make your visit much exciting. Mount Fuji is among the planet ‘s greatest natural destinations.


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